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iBATECH: A Natural Biostimulant

iBATECH® is a proudly South African, cost-effective, safe, natural and organic botanical fertiliser with promising commercial applications in the agriculture sector. iBATECH® is a natural plant extract product, containing a combination of several flavonoids that display antimicrobial properties as well as can increase the polyphenolic and sugar content of plants, thereby improving overall plant health and yield.  The commercial value of the patented and registered iBATECH® is thus driven by its special characteristics as a natural chemical-free bio-fertiliser for the agricultural market.


UniQTyper Y-STR DNA forensic kit

South Africa harbours the highest number of rape incidents in the world, and sexual assault and rape cases in the entire SADC region are estimated at a minimum of 55 000 cases per year. Crime scene investigations utilise DNA technology on a regular basis. In cases of rape or sexual abuse, male-specific DNA can be targeted for forensic identification or exclusion of suspects. However, current test kits were not designed taking into account the genetic diversity of African males, and perform poorly in this continent. For this reason, the University of the Western Cape has designed a new male-specific DNA identification kit tailored for Africa.

The technology encompasses a Y-STR (Y-chromosome short tandem repeat) forensic kit offering higher discriminatory power, which is faster and more cost-effective than leading commercial products for processing sexual assault DNA evidence.


SignSupport: A Mobile App for the Deaf Community

SignSupport facilitates interaction with non-Deaf users in limited communication scenarios, including SignSupport for pharmacy and international computer driver license (ICDL) training. The prototype, now refined and adapted to a WhatsApp interface, has also been developed for Diabetes self-management for the Deaf Community. When the pre-recorded information or the limited interaction is not sufficient, a video call with a remote SASL interpreter can be set up to deliver further assistance.   Although the user of the technology is the Deaf Community, the Department of Health or private medical companies may find the technology particularly useful to relay self-care regimens and can be adapted accordingly.


BAOBAB LIMS: An African Led Open Source Innovation for Bio Banking

Baobab LIMS is an African-led innovation that was developed as part of the B3Africa consortium. It is an affordable sample and laboratory management tool for biobanking that has been implemented in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), who previously (due in part to financial constraints), were rarely able to implement a LIMS. Baobab LIMS is a Laboratory Information Management System for biorepositories of specimens and was developed using SOPs and workflows of a functional human biobank. The software system is an open-source tool with the code being freely available to users.  The users of the system would include biobanks, academic laboratories, industry partners with a small budget allowance for LIMS software and equipment manufacturers and suppliers.


Modular Battery System

The UWC has developed a lithium-ion, modular “plug and play” battery system that can be used for a range of residential and light industrial applications. The system incorporates unique control algorithms and enhanced safety features, thus offering a more efficient, lighter and cost effective solution over similar products on the market.


Zeolite Formulations from Fly Ash

Fly Ash is a waste by-product of coal-fired electricity generating stations. The production of zeolites is one way of utilising this waste product where novel formulations have been developed for a range of both high value and low-value zeolite products.

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Zenzeleni community wifi network solution

Zenzeleni is a solar-powered, community-owned Wifi telecommunications network solution providing affordable communications to remote rural areas. Through the use of wireless mesh networking, users are able to make free internal voice over IP calls, while the cost of breakout mobile calls and data is greatly reduced. The network consists of scattered nodes powered through easy-to-install, modular solar systems. Communities can charge mobile devices and provide lighting from these nodes.


Acid Mine Drainage Fly Ash Solution

The Fly Ash Acid Mine Drainage technology involves the treatment of mine water (acid or neutral mine drainage) with coal fly ash using a jet loop reactor in one single simple procedure by reducing the contaminants to acceptable levels, and thereby remediating contaminated water which can thereafter be used for agricultural and industrial purposes.


HySA™ Systems Integration & Technology Validation Competence Centre

HySA™ Systems is an industry, technology, demonstrator, prototype and product development oriented R&D Competence Centre hosted by the University of the Western Cape (UWC) and located at the South African Institute for Advanced Materials Chemistry (SAIAMC).