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UWC TTO Innovators’ Recognition event

The UWC TTO hosted the Innovator’s Recognition event on the 20th of June 2018 to acknowledge the good work that is being done by UWC’s innovators. On that special day, innovators from different research departments at the university were in attendance. Many of these researchers are also TIA Seed Fund recipients (past and present). Members of the UWC TIA Seed Fund Management Committee were also invited to the event to network with the innovators. The DVC for Research and Innovation, Prof Jose Frantz, welcomed and thanked the innovators for their creativity and sterling contributions as an innovation community at UWC. Prof Frantz further encouraged the innovators to continue their innovative endeavours. We had special guests from (1) NIPMO Director Regulatory and Compliance Jetane Charsley, (2) Savvy Venture Partners (Pty) Ltd Phindile Tshabangu (external member of UWC TIA Seed Fund Management Committee) and (3) TIA Seed Fund Manager Tshembani Khupane who did their presentations, (1) the IPR Act and implications for RD&I at HEIs(2) A thought-provoking presentation entitled “The National System of Innovation – health, wealth and evolution” and (3) TIA funding instruments the main focus being on the TIA Seed Fund.

Within its mandate to identify, protect, utilise and commercialise intellectual property developed at the University of the Western Cape, the Technology Transfer Office awarded a number of  certificates of recognition to the following researchers

  • Leslie Petrik for her ability to identify commercial opportunities for her research in the “Fly Ash Beneficiation” Project;
  • Mykhaylo Lototskyy for his excellent contribution in IP protection when filing a patent for “Metal Hydride Hydrogen Storage”
  • Bill Tucker for his determination to ensure that IP is utilised by the communities where it can have the most impact, as part of his contribution to the Zenzeleni Project;
  • Alan Christoffels  and Frederick Sylvester both for their successful efforts to earn a royalty income from Copyrights on the “How To Be A Health Activist” Project;
  • Jeremy Klaasen for his commitment to the commercialisation of a biostimulant adjuvant as part of the “Kraalbos” Project.

Furthermore, NIPMO awarded certificates of recognition for UWC inventors as follows:

  • Vlad Linkov for patent No. 2016/01389 entitled “A Method for Producing Non-Precious Metal Catalysts from Nintrogen-Rich Biomass”.
  • Jeremy Klaasen for patent No. 2015/00253 entitled “Method of Increasing Bioactive Compounds in a Plant”.

UWC TTO Director Dr Janine Chantson, thanked the innovators for contributing to the TTO reaching its strategic goals of building a vibrant innovation community and developing a strong pipeline of innovations. She reminded them that the TTO’s door is always open for them - for any support or assistance that they may need.  

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